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20,000 TREES! That’s the number of trees planted in and around Rice County in the spring of 2023. The trees were planted to enhance wildlife habitat, control soil erosion, and reduce energy consumption through homestead windbreaks.

The Rice SWCD would like to thank local landowners for planting trees!

From shrubs to beautiful trees, we have a great selection of species to meet your conservation needs. Many species sell out quickly, so place your order soon after the sale opens. Sign up for our monthly newsletter below to receive a notification of when you can place an order in the online store.

Our next tree sale will begin in early December. Stay tuned!

In 2023, we sold 133 native plant kits, which were planted in and around Rice County.


Thank you for planting natives to help our local pollinators!

Whether you want to create habitat for butterflies and bees or a rain garden to treat surface water runoff, we have a beautiful selection of native plants for your conservation project. 

The Rice SWCD Native Plant Sale will begin in January! Keep checking our website for details of the sale or sign up for our monthly newsletter below to receive notification of when our online store opens. 

Funding is available to landowners to plant native gardens through the Lawns to Legumes Program. Click here to learn more.

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